About Gender Sway

What is Gender Swaying?

Did you know that you can increase your chances of conceiving a particular gender by manipulating two main factors?

  • body chemistry; and
  • the timing of intercourse.

A man’s semen contains a mixture of X chromosome sperm (to conceive a girl) and Y chromosome sperm (to conceive a boy). The factors that may influence the success of one gender of sperm over the other to fertilise the woman’s egg are the basis of the Gender Sway program.

The theory is that the male sperm (carrying the Y chromosome) are faster and the female sperm (carrying the X chromosome) are slower yet more resilient.

Conceiving a boy or a girl depends entirely on which type of sperm meets the egg first.

The ph environment in a woman’s reproductive tract can influence which type of sperm reaches the egg first. An alkaline environment is ideal for the fast swimming male sperm, while a more acidic environment will favour the female sperm. The ph can be manipulated through diet and specific supplements. A woman’s reproductive tract ph will also naturally vary throughout the monthly cycle so these changes from acid to alkaline can also affect the baby’s gender – meaning that the timing of intercourse is critical.

If you would like to conceive a girl, the aim is to create an environment where the male sperm will die off and the resilient female sperm will make it to the egg to fertilise. The tricky part is achieving this exact environment whilst still allowing the female sperm to survive and make it to the egg.

If you would like to conceive a boy the aim is to create the optimum alkaline environment and time intercourse as close to ovulation as possible.

In order to improve your chances of having a child of your favoured sex, a detailed and finely tailored approach to conception needs to be undertaken. The Gender Sway program includes cycle tracking, nutritional guidance, supplementation and specific techniques. Blood tests to predict the window for conceiving a girl as accurately as possible will also be required, and to pinpoint ovulation for conceiving a boy. Lisa will guide you every step of the way.

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Baby Girl